The Axe Legacy – Chapter One: Aeldor’s loss

Over the years I have slowly been building on a story that ties many of my medieval/fantasy LEGO builds together. This year I finally completed the first chapter in this story.

An Office, 2013. Flickr link

The main character in this chapter is the young lord, Mariuel. Ruler of Aeldor, a weak and poor country that’s still recovering from the War of Magic. He dreams of the old days when his great grandfather wielded a magic axe and slayed all their enemies with ease. An axe that is still magically bound to the great grandfathers corpse in his ancestors crypt.

A courtyard encounter, 2020. Flickr link

With these dreams, he couldn’t believe his luck, when one morning an old wizard approached him. The wizard knew about the axe and offered to break the bond to its old owner’s hand. For only a small amount of money in exchange, the young lord would be able to wield the same power his great grandfather did. An offer the naive young lord eagerly accepted without any questions.

Breaking the spell, 2014. Flickr link

That following night, the young lord leads the wizard down to the tomb of his ancestors. Once inside, the wizard preforms a ritual and the great axe was released from its old owner’s grip.

March to Glory, 2013. Flickr link

Now with the axe in hand, an eager and confident lord gathered his soldiers and headed out to raid an old enemy’s land.

A part of the build “Welcoming the King”, 2013. Flickr link

But the raid failed catastrophically. There was no magic in the axe and the lord got captured and humiliated. Together with his soldiers he got paraded through the town of his victorious rival. The axe now captured spoils in the hands of the rival king.

And then bad goes to worse for the the young lord. While being held captive, he mysteriously dies.

The young lord’s sad return, 2014. Flickr link

Honoring the lord’s title, his capturer choose to sends the lord’s body home for a proper burial. The whole kingdom mourned his death. Left of the family is now only his sister. The one who now will need to take over the lordship of the land.

End of Chapter One

So what happened to the magic stored in the axe? What intentions did the old Wizard really have? Those are questions that will be answered in the next chapter. But with my current pace in, that might take a few years I’m afraid. A sneak peaks can be seen below though.

Raising an army, 2015. Flickr link


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