August 1, 2022 Henrik 0

This spring I bought a bundle of games that included Satisfactory and that game is killing this blog. It’s stealing time away from all my […]

Goal progress

October 1, 2021 Henrik 0

Here is a quick summery of my progress for this years goals. Look into learning to play the Piano I have installed some apps on […]

Goals 2021

Goals 2021

May 1, 2021 Henrik 0

This year I have expanded from one to three goals. One wasn’t enough this year, I wanted to do more. They are, in no particular […]

Finance Tool Update

October 1, 2020 Henrik 0

I have managed to reach my goal with developing a tool, but lets talk about the weird timing first. Just as I was about to […]

UFO:s over Halmstad

November 4, 2019 Henrik 0

Or more specifically, a bunch of sky lantern that caused much confusion. In 2003, a friend got me and bunch of my other friends to […]


March 26, 2019 Henrik 0

I would like to talk a bit about one of my favorite games: Dune. It is a game that I come back to time and […]