December 2, 2019 Henrik 0

A Windows thumbnail handler for LEGO Digital Designer (LXF) files. As previously written, I would like to write about all my Github projects on this […]

UFO:s over Halmstad

November 4, 2019 Henrik 0

Or more specifically, a bunch of sky lantern that caused much confusion. In 2003, a friend got me and bunch of my other friends to […]

Custom Picture Ledges

October 7, 2019 Henrik 0

Making two small Picture ledges from an IKEA one. I wanted some small picture ledges for LEGO related stuff in my hobby room, but couldn’t […]

LUGBULK List Maker

September 2, 2019 Henrik 0

I promised myself when I started this blog that I would introduce all my GitHub project here. And the first one out is the project […]

Making charcoal

August 19, 2019 Henrik 0

Because we had a few unwanted bushes around the house, I found myself with a bunch of branches that needed to be disposed of. And […]

Vacation Break

July 8, 2019 Henrik 0

My vacation is messing up my intended post schedule. When starting this blog, I gave myself the arbitrary goal of posting at least once every […]

Seaside Market

June 3, 2019 Henrik 1

Between the harbor and the city wall, a small but popular market has managed to establish itself. My biggest build yet with a wide margin. […]


March 26, 2019 Henrik 0

I would like to talk a bit about one of my favorite games: Dune. It is a game that I come back to time and […]