This spring I bought a bundle of games that included Satisfactory and that game is killing this blog. It’s stealing time away from all my projects. It has become very addictive for me. It is a big reason for why it took me almost six months to write about Wordle

Factories with lots of machines

The game is a (mostly peaceful) first-person factory building game. Playing it requires you to extract resources and convert them into a series refined product until you reach products that are delivered to the in-game employer. This is done by construction factories with conveyor belts, power plants and connecting railroads.

Basically, it is a game where you continuously build, improve, and organize. Tasks that are very satisfying for me to do.

Train tracks connecting most of my factories.

I have known that these types of games are additive for me, and I have been good at avoiding them. But in a moment of weakness, I installed Satisfactory. I will try to limit the play time somehow, so I’ll get time over for all my projects.

I would rather avoid playing games when I have the energy to do other things. Generally, games can feel very rewarding, but only for a short while. The sense of accomplishment fades very quickly. Other creative pursuits generally have a more lasting sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

And there are plenty of things to write about for this blog. LEGO Builds and Dune reverse engineering posts are on the To-do-list. Hold tight.