Custom Picture Ledges

Custom Picture Ledges

Making two small Picture ledges from an IKEA one.

I wanted some small picture ledges for LEGO related stuff in my hobby room, but couldn’t find something that fitted for a reasonable price. So I got the idea to look for a cheap picture ledge that I could modify to suit my needs instead. A suitable candidate was found at IKEA for 39 SEK (about 4 USD).


I had first hoped that I only needed to shorten the width of the IKEA ledge to get one in the size that I wanted. But after buying it, I felt that the IKEA ledge was to big for me in all dimensions. So I decided to cut it up as pictured below. That way I got two very small ledges.

Luckily the ledge comes with a grove that made it easy to saw the longer cut in a straight line. The shorter cut was made with the help of a Mitre Box.

Two new holes were drilled in each ledge.

I was recommended to spray paint the ledge to get a good result, but being cheap and trying to use what I already have, I went with some old paint I had laying around. Probably not the right kind for this project. I had to apply several layers to get to the point where no white shone through anywhere.

The finished result below. The paint job is quite crappy, but good enough for me. The ledges work as intended.

This was my first time IKEA hacking. I guess it was just a question of time after buying a house before I did it.