My Boulder Blaster Project - The clock is ticking

My Boulder Blaster Project - The clock is ticking

It has been a busy summer for me, but not because I been busy working with the Boulder Blaster project. Other projects and interests have stolen my time. But now when more than half the year has passed, I feel that I need to start putting energy into it again. I really need to if I’m going to reach my goal of completing it this year.

So what has been done since the last blog post?

Starting with the list from this post, I have completed the following:

  • A full line of boulder at the bottom now Auto-explodes.
  • A background grid has been added.
  • Made new boulder placement less random. New boulders should new be more likely to show up where there is less boulders.
  • Added an intro the beginning.

The last two items on that list, I have decided to not implement. I have instead focus on adding a loading screen and graphics!

All these new things can be view/tested here.

Code changes

I don’t feel that there are any exciting/major code change made since last blog post. All the changes made between the previously posted revision and the new one can be viewed here on Github.

I have build upon the already established structure. The new code that has been added is mostly for handling new graphics and effects.

What is left?

In order for me to feel that I have made a complete game I feel that the following needs to be done:

  • Add: * Start screen

  • Game over screen

  • Help text

  • Score counter

  • Sound effects!

  • Write all missing tests :)

  • Post a link to game on at least one location on the Internet (besides this blog)

I feel that the last step is crucial. It would signify a “release” and force me to fix some weird bugs I have noticed here and there. The bugs would be very easy to ignore if I knew no one would look at my game.

I’m not sure I will reach my goal. I have no idea how hard it will be to find and/or make sounds and add them to the game. Regardless if I manage or not, I feel that I already have learnt a lot and I’m happy I started on this project.