Seaside market - A time lapse of the design process

Seaside market - A time lapse of the design process

While designing the Seaside market build in LDD, I had the idea that it might be cool to try to create a time lapse of the work progress. I started with archive a copy of the LDD file at the end of each day I worked on it. Then once I was done, I “synced” the camera angle in all the files, render them with LDD to POV-Ray and lastly combine them into an animated Gif.

I think the result is pretty cool, but unfortunately I though of this a bit late into the process, so I don’t have the work from the beginning where the most dramatic changes were made. (I’ll try to be better at doing this on my next big build.)

Each frame does not show one days work. I removed the frames where only small changes were made to make the Gif more interesting.

If I do a time lapse like this again, I’ll go into more details about how I did it.

Below you can view each individual frame.