A courtyard encounter

A courtyard encounter

Posing as a benevolent wizard, the Necromancer arrives at the castle court yard just in time to meet its young lord. By telling stories of past and future greatness, he manages to ensnare the young lord into a deadly deal.

My latest LEGO creation, a medieval/fantasy build that is part of a story I working on. A story that develops as I come up with things I want to create. Meaning I don’t have a fully constructed story I build after, the story is constructed after the things I build.

Most of my medieval/fantasy builds are in one way or another connected to each other through this story. And this build is a bit special, as it completes a series of builds that forms the first chapter of the story. (The whole finished chapter and all the builds will be complied in an upcoming post.)

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Designing it

The concept for this build started with me wanting to make a build that had a scene by towering high walls. I had a few different ideas for style and type of scene, but decided for the style and scene above to finally end one of the chapters in the story.

And because I decided this build to be part of a story line, it needed to visually fit together with a bunch of earlier builds. Basically constraining me to a color palette that had been decided by these earlier builds: The young lord’s office, March to Glory, The young lord’s sad return, The Library and The Necromancer’s Arrival.

During the design process I experimented with the 19121 fence piece to see if I could find any good window designs to use. I found several interesting designs, but I only managed to fit two of them in the build.

An early prototype

Originally I planed on making this build a bit bigger, but before I got started with building it in real bricks, a competition was announced on Swebrick. One that I thought this build would thematically qualify for, but the competition had a size limit of 32 x 32 studs so I had to do a redesign to make it compliant with all the rules.

I have documented the whole design process for this build and I will present a time lapse similar to the one I presented for the Sea side market. Stay tuned. /Henrik